How old is your oldest Linux install disk?

How old is your oldest Linux install disk?

Nearly everyone still has a few old install disks sitting around. How old are yours?

Floppy disks
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Blude. CC BY 2.0.

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How old is the oldest Linux install disk you own?

Letting go of old installation media can be hard. No, chances are you're never going to install an old distribution with a 2.2 series kernel ever again (or maybe you are, who knows?). But there's a certain nostalgia attached to the physical relics of your early days with computing, particularly if you managed to save your first Linux boot disk.

So how long have you been holding on to your installers? Do you still have an install disk for which you no longer even have a computer that will read the disk? And if you do still have the appropriate disk reader, do you think your media aged gracefully enough to still work today?

For our purposes, we won't be picky about what we mean by disk. If you've got a floppy disk, CD-ROM, USB stick, or maybe something more exotic, it counts.

And if you've got an old install disk, manual, or other early Linux paraphernalia that you're particularly proud of, post a link to an image of it in the comments. We'd love to see what's in your collection.


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