Top 5: 3D printer giveaway, sysadmin must-reads, custom GNOME wallpapers, and more

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Top 5 articles of the week for March 10

This week we look at four open source business models to consider, how to create custom wallpaper slideshows in GNOME, how to generate web pages with CGI and Perl, and more.

Top 5 articles

5. 4 successful open source business models to consider

Daniel Rubinstein, a computer science undergraduate at Duke University, writes about how companies can grow with open source at the heart of their business model. If you'd like to build a business around open source, here are four successful models to consider.

4. Create custom wallpaper slideshows in GNOME

Did you know that you can create slideshow wallpapers in GNOME? Ken VanDine has an excellent step-by-step article about how with simple XML, you can set GNOME to display a custom slideshow instead of its stock options.

3. How to generate webpages using CGI scripts

Did you know that It is actually very simple to create CGI programs that can be used to generate a wide range of dynamic webpages? Community moderator David Both gives an easy to follow guide that will have you generating dynamic content quickly.

2. Image manipulation using ImageMagick and Perl

Greg Pittman explains how to use the PerlMagick module to organize multiple images from the command line. The article is a great example of the power of Linux and open source software in medical imaging.

1. 5 must-read sysadmin articles from 2017

Choosing the "best of" anything is always challenging, and choosing's best sysadmin articles from 2017 was no exception. Community Moderator, David Both, takes a look at the top five articles for system administrators that we published in the last year.

Honorable mention: LulzBot 3D printer giveaway

We're wrapping up the fourth and final week of our holiday giveaway series in style: With a LulzBot 3D printer from Aleph Objects! Enter by this Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET for a chance to win.

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