Top 5: Favorite Linux distros, retro gaming on Raspberry Pi, and more

We take a look back at some of the week's best articles.
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Top 5: Vi-mode in your shell, Scratch and Logo, and more

This week we look at how open source projects are viewed by college students, unusual tools for agile team development, setting up a Raspberry Pi for retro gaming, the future of Kubernetes, and our annual Linux distro poll.

Top 5 articles

5. Why isn't open source hot among computer science students?

Susie Choi, an undergraduate studying computer science at Duke University, gives an interesting look at why high school and college students might fear getting involved with open source software projects and what can be done to change that.

4. 8 unusual FOSS tools for agile teams

Jen Krieger, chief agile architect at Red Hat, has written a great article chock full of open source tools to keep your agile team moving forward while providing simple ways to organize your thoughts and improve communication.

3. How to set up a Raspberry Pi for retro gaming

Andrew Thornton of Red Hat is a 30-year advocate of open source software. He provides a fascinating how-to for those of you who long to relive the gaming experiences of your youth using the Raspberry Pi.

2. 5 reasons Kubernetes is the real deal

Neela Jacques, owner and principle of ScaleNV, writes that Kubernetes is here to stay. He predicts an explosion of interest, investment, and bandwagon jumping to occur over the next couple years.

1. What is your favorite desktop Linux distribution?

Editor Jason Baker has a new poll where you can vote for your favorite Linux distribution. If your distribution is missing from the list, let us know in the comments.

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