9 cheat sheets and guides to enhance your tech skills

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Cheat sheets are perfect for the new coder just starting out on the command line. However, even the most experienced programmers need to lean on references every once in a while. If that pesky keyboard shortcut is just at the tip of your finger, a cheat sheet is perfect to have nearby. Here’s a roundup of our downloadable guides that will set you up for success in 2020.

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Markdown is not just for coders. Anyone can use it to help bring syntax and structure to a plain text document. This cheat sheet provides Markdown foundations using the CommonMark specification. It also includes syntax for GitHub and GitLab. 

Linux permissions and users

Keep commands for managing users close at hand with this Linux cheat sheet. Quickly learn how to add users, delete users, show history, and set permissions.


Once you know Bash, the possibilities at the command line are endless. Our Bash cheat sheet helps you become more efficient with keyboard shortcuts. Before you know it, you'll be running scripts in your sleep (literally).  

Linux common commands

It's no wonder that our cheat sheet for common Linux commands is so popular. This cheat sheet is packed with the essentials to get started with installing software and navigating file systems. Print this one out for yourself and your colleagues.


It seems like everyone is talking about microservices and for good reason. Microservices make applications modular so that they are easier to build and maintain. It's no longer just a buzzword with this cheat sheet. Get to know important terms and learn more about the fundamentals of microservices in A guide to open source for microservices.


This cheat sheet is ideal for beginner and intermediate Java programmers. It includes important context along with code for handling imports, variables, classes, and more.


Programmers love using pip commands to help install, manage, and use Python software packages. However, pip can do much more than that. This cheat sheet will teach you how to build wheels and record packages.


7 essential PyPI libraries

This collection of Python tutorials will help you learn how to write extensions faster, format your code, automate tests, ensure code consistency, and more using PyPI libraries. 

Getting started with Kubernetes

In this approachable guide, author Scott McCarty uses an unexpected analogy to explain the value of Kubernetes and the steps to get started. 

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