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11 open source ways to celebrate Mother Earth

Earth to open source. Are you listening? Read one of these articles to help celebrate Earth Day.

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What could Earth Day have to do with open source you say? Well, a lot actually. Over the years, people have shared the many different open source projects out there that help us make a positive direct impact on the Earth, but also things that help us reduce, reuse, and recycle, putting less pressure on our planet's sensitive and precious balances.

Restore old hardware

One way we can pitch in by restoring old hardware instead of buying new. What a great project for a young person learning about computers and getting into the field. Here are our picks:

How to restore a single-core computer with Linux

Bring an old MacBook back to life with Linux

How to make an old computer useful again

Give an old MacBook new life with Linux

Home projects and automation

Upgrading our homes to be more energy efficient is another way we can lessen the burden of our systems on the ultimate system (Earth):

How I track my home's energy consumption with open source

Set up Home Assistant to manage your open source smart home

Build a home thermostat with a Raspberry Pi


Open source stars.


Enjoy our planet with open source

Once all that work is done, enjoy some good news and do something fun:

5 open source activities while you work from home

Explore the night sky with this open source astronomy app

How I had a nerdy date night with StreetComplete quests

How open source is helping solve the plastic pollution problem


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