Poll: Which office suite do you use?

Which office suite do you use?

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Which office suite do you use?

5755 votes tallied
3966 votes
Apache OpenOffice
520 votes
Microsoft Office
440 votes
Google Drive
197 votes
419 votes
I don't use a suite, a mix and match.
213 votes

Office software suites offer a host of tools to help you get things done: email, a word processor, notepads, spreadsheets, as well as, presentation, finance, and publisher applications.

Which office suite was your first? Do you love or hate the one you're using now? From your experierce, how would you compare and contrast a proprietary suite to a free and open source one?

If you don't use a suite of office apps, all packaged nicely together, what tools to do you use in tandem to get work done? Would you say it's just as nice or better?




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