Which office suite do you use?

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Office software suites offer a host of tools to help you get things done: email, a word processor, notepads, spreadsheets, as well as, presentation, finance, and publisher applications.

Which office suite was your first? Do you love or hate the one you're using now? From your experierce, how would you compare and contrast a proprietary suite to a free and open source one?

If you don't use a suite of office apps, all packaged nicely together, what tools to do you use in tandem to get work done? Would you say it's just as nice or better?



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I use a mixed bag of suites depending on when and where I am access the files.

At work, I am limited to the Microsoft Office suite they provide. Outlook is the one product I use the most, followed by Excel.

I use a log of Google products because when I am at work, the longest period I am sitting in front of the computer, if I am doing anything for myself personally I use it via the browser as opposed to downloading, emailing and using anything locally.

I also like that the Google Docs are not extremely complicated and works pretty smoothly compared to Microsoft Office online.

When I am at home, unless I need the added power of LibreOffice or a local Microsoft Office, it is just as easy for me to continue what I started in Google Docs. Additionally, if I have to access it from work to update or tweak it I don't have to worry about getting access to it again.

If LibreOffice or OpenOffice were to produce a fully-functional web-based interface that can be run in an ownCloud setup then that would be an awesome alternative to the Google/Microsoft duopoly.

Although I voted iWork, I also use OpenOffice depending on the project.

Great survey topic! ProjectLibre ( http://www.projectlibre.org ) is an open source replacement of Microsoft Project (part of the Office family) We are very impressed with the progress at both LibreOffice and OpenOffice! The future is bright and the international adoption is really impressive....

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While I use Microsoft Office the most, I love Open Office. Their presenter is far more compatible with PowerPoint than Libre. Great tools to have!

A mixer/matcher, but Open Office is what I most commonly use. WordPerfect isn't on the list, but I do find it useful for certain tasks.

I have used OpenOffice for a number of years prior to Apache taking over development of the software. I've always been a fan of the software, and feel strongly that Apache is heading in the right direction. There are certainly times when I may be away from (my) computer and need to work temporarily on another, and in those instances, it's generally Microsoft Office that's installed, so I'll use it. As far as email goes, Mozilla Thunderbird has been my email client of choice for years now, and integrates nicely with both my google accounts, and email addresses provided by my domain/hosting provider.

I use Microsoft Office and OpenOffice on my Windows 7 computer ( more OpenOffice ) and LibreOffice on my Linux computer.

I use LibreOffice + Thunderbird + Planner (Ubuntu) as the default tool set. Increasingly we're seeing clients asking for integration with Google Docs. I have a bad feeling about this. We're coming out of a couple of decades of proprietary client>server "standards" and are just about to repeat the debacle with a new set of proprietary browser>server ones. When are we going to learn that the new shiny things at the bottom of the xmas tree are not necessarily where the best gifts are?

I'm like Drew (1st comment), I use a mix of applications from Microsoft, LibreOffice and Google Apps.

Microsoft because of work, LibreOffice at home. When mobile, I fall back on Google Apps, or in case I need to share docs which is easy and simple when on Google Docs.

I use Notepad++, LibreOffice, Google Drive everyday!

Have known & used OpenOffice for years. Learned about LibreOffice because of Ubuntu.

I like both AOO & LO a lot.

Google Docs + Drive is great. I feel sad Google doesn't integrate LO with Google Docs. This way (Integration) people will get so many more features & off-line benefits.

IndianArt: There is an extension for LO/AOO that lets you sort of intergrate with Google Docs and Zoho. It works pretty well. You can load and save directly to/from Docs.

MikeF are you talking about: OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs version 3.0.0 ?

I find that this extension has stopped working for several months. Besides I think it requires Java which caused LO to slow down a lot.

This extension was so useful I used to use it practically everyday. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on my comps anymore.

In addition, I feel Google should promote LO as its off-line counterpart of Google Docs which will give Google feature parity + complete off-line capability. This will help LO as well because of the big endorsement of Google.

Yes, you're right. Just tried it and it's not working anymore. I haven't used it in a while, so I was just assuming it still worked. Lesson learned!

Another option would be to use either InSync or google-drive-ocamlfuse to set up a direct filesystem connection with your Google Drive account. I use google-drive-ocamlfuse, and it lets you use Google Drive as if it were a hard drive. Load and save directly to it from LO. Pretty seemless.

I understand LibreOffice 4.2 will introduce Google Drive read/write support.

@Simon Wow, that would be great & ergonomic too. Will save numerous clicks multiple times + saves the bother of going through a browser. Saves time, Carpal Tunnel syndrome & headaches.

Now I am eagerly looking forward to LO 4.2! :)

Also happy about Google's support for OpenDocument Format (.odt) in Google Drive.

Microsoft Office Online actually provides the option to save everything as an OpenDocument Format, though it naturally defaults to MS Office format:

<em>Office document defaults</em>
<em>Select the default file format for Office documents you create. This setting will only apply to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.</em>
<ul><li><em>Microsoft Office Open XML Format (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx)</em></li>
<li><em>OpenDocument Format (.odt, .odp, .ods)</em></li></ul>

That’s true Drew, this is a good move by MS.

Even in Google Drive, one can download a new document in ODF but I could not get Google viewer to read ODF documents, for which the ZOHO app was needed. I think Google Drive should support ODF more actively.

I feel Governments worldwide as well as educational institutions must insist on ODF. Otherwise, I think other office suites will forever be chasing format compatibility that one company sets like a monopoly. These formatting anomalies (whether accidental or deliberate) that I believe needlessly crop up when different office suites are used should be prevented by legislation, where ODF should be the standard.

KingSoft office is also quite good. Use it all the time on Android. Its Windows & Linux versions are very good as well.

LibreOffice is my favorite suite in my Fedora 20 and I'm fully satisfied http://youtu.be/8HZ6ZWQnfbc

LibreOffice is my favorite suite in my Fedora 20 and I am fully satisfied http://youtu.be/8HZ6ZWQnfbc

I use IBM Symphony that is based on Apache and also MS Office and Google. Google is best when I need to work on a collaborative paper.

Calligra, used to be Koffice in KDE

preferrably I use a mix of AbiWord, Gnumeric, Claws Mail and !mpressive and Leafpad. at the office we only use Redmondware, but I try to persuade my colleagues to try the nifty features of Impressive only with a pdf...

I use Softmaker Office and Google Drive

I use OpenOffice mainly because I have Ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop. I quit upgrading at that point since I despise Unity, and reloading all of my files and programs from scratch after upgrading to Mint would be a laborious process taking several hours. On my laptop I have Linux Mint with LibreOffice. I seem to be able to transfer Impress slide shows from OpenOffice to LibreOffice without difficulties. I use Microsoft Office only when I am forced to; the ribbon is an aggravating mess, and I have had documents utterly destroyed by Word when I tried to link documents together.

This book strongly recommends LibreOffice:

I just use LibreOffice.

MS Office at work due to obvious reasons.
LibreOffice and iWork at home.

I don't like MS Office neither LibreOffice interfaces, both are too poor in terms of usability. First is too complicated and second is like Office some years ago, iWork is a bit better, at least is simple.

I have used Microsoft's office suite for years.....and I got floored by OpenOffice, (before it was taken by Apache.....when it was still called "StarOffice"!) But Ive been using LibreOffice since it's inception and I love it, it's fast on my fast laptop...it does what I want it to...when I want it to..and it doesn't have half the footprint size of MS Office, not to mention I run it on a Linux machine at home...and when I'm at work I use MS Office, because that's what is being used by the company.

I think future is for web-oriented office applications; something based on RichStyle Project: http://richstyle.org/about.php.

LibreOffice.org on Ubuntu 12.04 for work.
For small group projects I usually use Google docs. Not as Open though

No mention of gnome or kde suites? Me, I use gnumeric, gimp, inkscape and, very occasionally abiword (nearly never) when I need it. OpenOffice and LibreOffice are too much like the bloatware from Micro$oft for my needs.

OpenOffice.org every where.

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I also use Microsoft Office+Google Docs+Easy Projects (I use project management software that works on Gannt charts, it helps me keep my business on track), such a mixture of tools.
If you ever need some of those, check out http://www.easyprojects.net/gantt-chart-software/

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