All Things Open 2014 lightning talk with Jen Wike Huger

Building a premier, open source storytelling platform

Open source stars.
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Jen Wike Huger, Content Manager for, presents on how the team, the Community Moderators, and other contributors are building a premier storytelling platform for the open source community.

In this lightning talk presentation, Jen shares how the open source way can be applied to other areas outside of software, such as a group that is creating 3D printed hands through open design. The stories published by highlight not only open source software, but how open source is influencing the world outside of technology. People share how they are using open source to get work done, improving their life, or a methodology for operating a business or running a project. is doing an essential job of being a key storyteller for the open source community, but also those new to the world of open source. Jen shares information about the Community Moderator program and how others can contribute. hosted a lightning talk event prior to the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. Nine talks were given on interesting ideas and projects in open source on October 21, 2014 at Red Hat Tower. Over 100 attendees joined in person, for an evening of open source awesomeness.

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