OSCON 2014 speaker interviews series

18 interviews with speakers of upcoming OSCON 2014

OSCON 2014 speaker interviews
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The O'Reilly Open Source Convention—or OSCON, as it's popularly known—is one of the world's premier open source events. For more than a decade, open-minded developers, innovators, and business people have gathered for this weeklong event, which explores cutting edge developments in the open source ecosystem. The event will be held from July 20 - July 24 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

And, Opensource.com will be there! We'll cover the keynote sessions, talk with industry thought leaders, and be tweeting about our adventures @opensourceway.

For the last two weeks, Opensource.com has published a series of 18 interviews with speakers at OSCON 2014. Our writers asked them things like:

  • Why choose open source?
  • What are some tips for success?
  • What does the future hold for your open source project or business?
  • How do you see the industry evolving over the next few years?

Download this eBookCheck out the complete list of OSCON 2014 speaker interviews, read the ones you're most interested in, then let us know on Twitter or Facebook which ones you liked the most and why. You can also take the full reading list to go by downloading our free eBook of our OSCON 2014 speaker interviews.


Complete list of OSCON 2014 speaker interviews

  1. From zero to Spark Core in two years (Jen Wike interviews Zach Supalla, Spark)
  2. Open source's identity crisis (Bryan Behrenshausen interviews Karen Sandler, Software Freedom Conservancy)
  3. Building, deploying, and distributing software with JFrog (Travis Kepley interviews Yaov Landman, JFrog)
  4. It's better to share with functional programming (Robin Muilwijk interviews Katie Miller, OpenShift at Red Hat)
  5. Why is Docker the new craze in virtualization and cloud computing? (Jodi Biddle interviews James Turnbull, Docker)
  6. Girls' skills are needed in tech (Jen Wike interviews Jennifer Davidson, ChickTech)
  7. 3 ways to contribute to Firefox OS (Bryan Behrenshausen interviews Benjamin Kerensa, Firefox OS evangelist and volunteer)
  8. Asciidoctor coder writes less documentation (Nicole Engard interviews Sarah White, Asciidoctor)
  9. Understanding the metrics behind open source projects (Jason Baker interviews Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Bitergia)
  10. Justin Miller on how Mapbox runs like an open source project (Michael Harrison interviews Justin Miller, Mapbox)
  11. Is making your product free and open source crazy talk? (Scott Nesbitt interviews Patrick McFadin, DataStax)
  12. Open source to make caring for your health feel wonderful (Jen Wike interviews Juhan Sonin, Involution Studios)
  13. CloudBees programmer to give talk on how to develop a massively scalable HTTP server (Robin Muilwijk interviews Garrett Smith, CloudBees)
  14. DefCore brings a definition to OpenStack (Jason Baker interviews Rob Hirschfeld, OpenStack)
  15. Jérôme Petazzoni on the breathtaking growth of Docker (Richard Morrell interviews Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker)
  16. Getting kids interested in programming, robotics, and engineering (Jason Baker interviews Arun Gupta, Red Hat and Devoxx4Kids)
  17. On a mission to digitize and share the world’s visual history (Robin Muilwijk interviews Thomas Smith, Project Gado)
  18. The challenges of Open edX's large and complex codebase (Travis Kepley interviews David Baumgold, Open edX)

OSCON is where developers, innovators, business people, and investors gather to learn about the open source ecosystem in its entirety—the full open source stack. Learn about the latest developments, add to your skills, and discover how other people are solving the same problems you're working on. It's everything you need to know about open source tokeep you ahead of the curve.


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