How to stream music with GNOME Internet Radio

If you're looking for a simple, straightforward interface that gets your streams playing, try GNOME's Internet Radio plugin.
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Internet radio is a great way to listen to stations from all over the world. Like many developers, I like to turn on a station as I code. You can listen to internet radio with a media player for the terminal like MPlayer or mpv, which is what I use to listen via the Linux command line. However, if you prefer using a graphical user interface (GUI), you may want to try GNOME Internet Radio, a nifty plugin for the GNOME desktop. You can find it in the package manager.

GNOME Internet Radio plugin

Listening to internet radio with a graphical desktop operating system generally requires you to launch an application such as Audacious or Rhythmbox. They have nice interfaces, plenty of options, and cool audio visualizers. But if you want a simple, straightforward interface that gets your streams playing, GNOME Internet Radio is for you.

After installing it, a small icon appears in your toolbar, which is where you do all your configuration and management.

GNOME Internet Radio icons

The first thing I did was go to the Settings menu. I enabled the following two options: show title notifications and show volume adjustment.

GNOME Internet Radio Settings

GNOME Internet Radio includes a few pre-configured stations, and it is really easy to add others. Just click the (+) sign. You'll need to enter a channel name, which can be anything you prefer (including the station name), and the station address. For example, I like to listen to Synthetic FM. I enter the name, e.g., "Synthetic FM," and the stream address, i.e.,

Then click the star next to the stream to add it to your menu.

However you listen to music and whatever genre you choose, it is obvious—coders need their music! The GNOME Internet Radio plugin makes it simple to get your favorite internet radio station queued up.

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I'm curious what GTK theme you are using here? Looks clean and sharp! Looking to do a Linux install with Gnome install soonish and want it to look good. Thanks! Btw, thanks for the radio tip, I'll be using this as well!

Joe, the theme is called Pop!_theme from System76. I have it installed on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 LTS. Thanks for the compliment! I agree they did a great job with it.

In reply to by Joe Cool (not verified)

I've tried the extension, managed to add a couple of stations, started playing one, clicked stop and while the sound stopped, so did the extension. The main screen is non responsive as far as I can tell. I've ventured into the github and by the list of bugs I venture that it's not exactly ready for public consumption. As a rule of thumb, I would refrain from recommending Gnome extensions in the future as the whole mechanism seems to be in a constant state of instability.

Sorry to hear that Erez. I've used it trouble-free on several systems running both Ubuntu Linux and Fedora Linux. I installed it via the respective package managers. It might be helpful to file a bug report with Gnome so that their developers can triage the issue.

In reply to by Erez Schatz

I'm very happy using the other gnome extension that appears on your screemshot: SomaFm Internet Radio. It's more difficult to edit the list of channels (editing a /home/user/.share... javascript file with a json list), but it runs almost perfect once configured :-)

With difference my preferred online radio channel is ... uff... 24/7 excellent quality BSO (cinema) music. Superb.

Sergi, I noticed that one too. You could uninstall the SomaFM plugin and consolidate all of your streams under Gnome Internet Radio. I added my favorite SomaFM streams. Thanks, I'll have to check out your suggestion of Cinemix.

In reply to by Sergi (not verified)

I have noticed that the gnome internet radio works pretty well and yes, it's the best time to watch some movies on cyberflix tv

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