Matt Jadud: Moderators' Choice Award winner

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We're pleased to announce the inaugural winner of the award, Matt Jadud. Matt is an assistant professor of computer science at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. He's been an integral part of the Education channel throughout our first year, as author, active member of the authors' list, and advisor.

Matt is a vocal advocate of open source. He designed an open, low-fidelity computer for novice construction, the Cardboarduino, based around the popular Arduino platform. He has also helped lead and contribute to development on several other projects, including The Transterpreter, a virtual machine for parallel languages; and Plumbing, which supports beginning programmers in developing parallel programs for embedded devices.

Many articles in the Education channel over the past year have been either authored, contributed to, or commented on by Matt. His own most popular articles were:

Congratulations to Matt and to all of our contributors for a successful first year.

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Very well deserved! Congratulations, Matt.

...The Secret Life of Faculty.

Congrats to Matt!
(Can you link his name to his author profile? Folks can see his list of authored articles and comments there.)

Congratulations Matt!
I totally enjoyed this article:
What a great idea to introduce college freshmen to blogging, open source software, and the creative commons as part of teaching social change.

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