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Most Open Month highlights new contributors, kicks off My Open Source Story series

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In October, we kick off our new My Open Source Story series and highlight first-time contributors. If you're reading this and have thought about writing for us before, now's your time—share your open source story, your Linux story, or write about the open source project you are working on or using to reach your goals.

The My Open Source Story series is a collection of personal stories about how community members got started using open source software or contributing to open source projects, and which tools are favorites. My Open Source Story was inspired by our popular My Linux Story series.

New contributors have a special place in our hearts at because they help us share a diverse mix of stories from communities and projects around the world.

Woman sitting in front of her computer You may not identify as a writer, but we can help. Writing for us is a lot easier than you might think—even if English is your second language or you've never been published before.

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