Most Open Month

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In October, we kick off our new My Open Source Story series and highlight first-time contributors. Join us in our Most Open Month!

Here are ways to participate:

The My Open Source Story series is a collection of personal stories about how community members got started using open source software or contributing to open source projects, and which tools are favorites. My Open Source Story was inspired by our popular My Linux Story series.

New contributors have a special place in our hearts at because they help us share a diverse mix of stories from communities and projects around the world. You may not identify as a writer, but we can help. Writing for us is a lot easier than you might think—even if English is your second language or you've never been published before.


Most Open Month highlights new contributors, kicks off My Open Source Story series — an introduction to the series, by Jen Wike Huger

A look at Battle for Wesnoth's current game development strategy — by new writer David Carollo

A kid in an open source candy store — by new writer Kartik Subbaraopart of our My Open Source Story series

Why and how to plan lightning talks — by new writer Jos Poortvliet

An Arduino-powered My Little Pony donation box — by new writer Michelle Leonhart

Geriatric Linux: How an 'old geezer' came to terms with computers — by new writer Emery Fletcher, part of our My Linux Story series

A tool for tracking non-code GitHub contributions — by new writer Katie McLaughlin

How a love for open source led to the first Ubuntu magazine — by new writer Ronnie Tucker, part of our My Open Source Story series

Community shares #MyOpenStory on Twitter — about our social media campaign, by Alex Sanchez

Sonic Pi uses code to compose a dance party — by new writer Lakshmanan G

Linux is about choice, control, and learning something new — by new writer Tony Maropart of our My Linux Story series

How open source took me from a beginner coder to a credited contributor — by new writer Scott Junnerpart of our My Open Source Story series

How to create a Tempest plugin for OpenStack — by new writer Marcela Bonell

Top 4 Java web frameworks built for scalability — by new writer Michael Dowden

I'm an artist who loves Linux — by new writer Sreenivas Alapati,  part of our My Linux Story series

Iconic Linux debate sparks an open source career — by new writer Cesar Brod,  part of our My Linux Story series

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