Pi Day special: 7 Raspberry Pi pieces

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Raspberry Pi beside a quarter, special


Once a year, like clockwork, March 14 rolls around and people around the globe celebrate Pi Day. Unlike many other holidays, Pi Day doesn't have specific rules for how to celebrate. In the past, I've joined friends for a 3.14(ish) mile Pi Day run, visited a science museum (which included a pi exhibit) with my daughter, and simply indulged in a slice of Key Lime pie.

This year, I give you the Opensource.com Pi Day special: 7 Raspberry Pi pieces:

1. What is Raspberry Pi? I'm glad you asked. Check out our Raspberry Pi Resource page

2. Find out about Frank Thomas-Hockey's 5 favorite Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects

3. Check out Coder, which converts Raspberry Pi into a friendly environment for learning web programming. 

4. Luis Ibáñez reviews the Raspberry Pi A+ ... 

5. ... and compares it to the Raspberry Pi B+ he reviewed. 

6. Learn how to browse anonymously with a DIY Raspberry Pi VPN/TOR router

7. Build a Raspberry Pi into your Lego Mindstorms projects with BrickPi.


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Rikki Endsley is the Developer Program managing editor at Red Hat, and a former community architect and editor for Opensource.com.


Happy Raspberry Pi Day 2015 from the JiffyShop.com.au Australia

Thanks for a great compilation of Raspberry Pi & PiDay articles and projects.

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