Top 5 articles of the week: March 16 - 20

Raspberry Pi project, Irish developers, Linux for education, and more

Top 5 articles of the week on
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By Urbanzenvia Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 / Modified by Jen Wike Huger

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Welcome to the Weekly Top 5!

This week we celebrated St. Paddy's Day with seven open source developers you should know and kicked off our Open Source in Education series. Join us for this roundup of the best articles from the past week on

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Top 5 articles of the week

#5. St. Paddy's Day Special: 7 Irish open source developers

On Tuesday this week, we celebrated St. Paddy's Day with a roundup of seven open source developers you should know. Check out our list by Rikki Endsley and Dave Neary, and if you have someone to tell us about, we'd love to hear about them on Twitter.

#4. A Linux distro for education: UberStudent

This week marked the start of our series on Open Source in Education, and Joshua Allen Holm's introduction and tutorial on UberStudent was a hit. UberStudent is a customized Linux distribution designed for secondary and post-secondary education, so this is a great read for any student, teacher, or education administrator interested in alternatives. This guide will show you how to understand, install, and navigate UberStudent.

#3. Disaster recovery planning lessons from Waffle House

Did you know Waffle House restaurants are a model for disaster recovery? Well they are, and people are noticing. But, why are we talking about that here at Well, having a disaster recovery plan is important for all businesses, tech included. In this article, writer Brian Proffitt says it's something everyone knows they should do it but rarely does. Get some great pointers for your open source project, group, or business in this easy-to-digest read.

#2. Docker security in the future

Dan Walsh brings us a technical article about the new Docker security features his team at Red Hat are working on to make the statement, containers do not contain, less true. So, beyond the valuable information that Dan shares on user namesspaces, container separation modes, and the administration of containers—what you can take away from this article is that Red Hat and Docker are making progress on making containers more secure. And, that's a very good thing.

#1. Create your own musical light show with Raspberry Pi

In this fun tutorial, Anderson Silva shows us how to use a Raspberry Pi board and open source project called LightshowPi (available online) to create a musical light show. See his Dancing Christmas tree video and more instructions for the project in this article.

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