Top 10 interviews of 2015 (so far)

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This year we've seen some amazing open source talent walk through the virtual doors of They've sat down with us over email to answer our questions about what they're working on and why it matters. People working in open source love answering that question; it's why they do what they do in the first place. Because somewhere, somehow they know they're making things better with open source code, design, and collaboration.

Want to be more like that? Well, this is your chance to get some amazing insight and tips from people working in the thick of it. Interviewees often mention ways that newcomers can get started, too. Plus, they've always got great ideas and new ways of looking at things for other open source developers, managers, developers, project leads, evangelists, and more.

Almost every month this year at, we're running a speaker interview series for an open source conference to help you get the open source goodness and knowledge delivered at the event. We also interview CEOs and CTOs, project leads, and managers from open source companies around the world. Check out 10 of our best open source interviews in this list.

Top 10 interviews of the year (so far)

1. A shift in education: Teachers who create content, not consume

Steve O'Connor teaches at an elementary, public school on a tiny hamlet in the Adirondack region of New York state. Lately the majority of his work in open content has centered around EngageNY, where he's created math and English language arts modules for implementation in his fifth grade classroom. Don Watkins interviews.

2. Interview with winner of the Red Hat Women in Open Source Community Award, Sarah Sharp

This year Red Hat awarded its very first winners of the Women in Open Source Awards! Sarah Sharp won the Community award. She is a software developer who has been involved in Linux kernel development since 2006. Sarah gave her award money to Outreachy to help newcomers get involved in open source. Rikki Endsley interviews.

3. Interview with winner of Red Hat's Women in Open Source Academic Award, Kesha Shah

This year Kesha Shah, a full-time student, won in the Academic award "for her outstanding coding and mentoring work while studying information and communication technology." Jen Wike Huger interviews.

4. Where do we stand 30 years after the founding of the Free Software Foundation?

Who really owns our devices and the software they run? In this interview with John Sullivan, Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation, which sponsors the GNU project, hear his refreshing thoughts on the subject. Don Watkins interviews.

5. Bitnami: An app store for server software

BitRock CEO Erica Bescia talks about Bitnami, a service that allows buyers to pick and choose the right server software packages. They offer more than 100 fully integrated and ready-to-run application packages. David Hurley interviews.

6. A community distribution of OpenStack

In this interview with Red Hat's Alvaro Lopez Ortega, we learn a little bit about RDO, a community distribution of OpenStack that is designed to make it easy to install on operating systems such as Fedora and CentOS. Jason Baker interviews.

7. Modern DevOps with Docker

Avi Cavale is the co-founder and CEO of Shippable, a containerized continuous integration (CI) platform, and he says that Docker provides opportunities to radically accelerate how DevOps is "re-engineering the corporation" for IT. Rikki Endsley interviews.

8. Networking in the cloud is changing

In this interview with PLUMgrid's Valentina Alaria, learn about how networking in the cloud is changing as new concepts, technologies, and standards continue to emerge and mature. Matt Micene interviews.

9. Netflix has more than 50 open source projects

Semmy Purewal of Netflix talks about company culture, his favorite open source tools, and the impact of open source on his career. Nitish Tiwari interviews.

10. NGINX: The secret heart of the modern web

In this interview with Sarah Novotny, community leader at NGINX, we talk about web servers, Docker, and more. Jason Hibbets interviews.

What was your favorite interview of 2015? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @opensourceway.

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