4 myths about agile

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After a recent presentation about agile development, Jen Krieger, an agile coach at Red Hat, received that she calls "the most epic conference feedback ever: 'Your talk was poop.'"

It stung—but she learned from it. Proponents of agile "have failed to deliver the message in a way the open source community understands," she tells her audience in this video. So Krieger took to the stage to dispel four common myths about agile and "get to the truth of what it’s intended to be."

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Agile isn't SCRUM. SCRUM is the most horrible, most unmethodical abomination that has ever emerged under the name of "Agile" which lots of inefficient, unfounded rituals you can imagine. As a matter of fact, it is often used as an hyped excuse to return to the old "waterfall" method, but without the red tape. I think the canon of Open Source is closer to true "Agile" than SCRUM will and can ever be. Open Source has nothing to learn from SCRUM.

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