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Meet David Both. He's a regular contributor to, most notable for his Linux philosophy series. There's so much goodness in this Q&A, including a long list of favorite open source tools, that I'm going to quickly pass the mic over to him. But first...

These "contributor spotlights" are a way for us to shine a light on the people who make up our great community. David once was just a reader, now he's sharing his experiences as a Linux user, and more. If you'd like to share your open source story with us, we'd love to hear from you. See what we're looking for and submit your story to us.

Now, let's hear from David...

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Subhashish Panigrahi is an educator and open source activist based in Bangalore, India. He is currently works at the Centre for Internet and Society's Access To Knowledge program where he builds partnership with universities, language researchers, and GLAM organizations. Their goal is to bring more scholarly and encyclopedic content under free licenses. During his work at the Wikimedia Foundation's India Program, Subhashish was involved in designing community sustaining and new contributor cultivation models. For his effort to share and spread open source far and wide, this year he was awarded a 2015 People's Choice Award.

Find out more in this community spotlight on Subhashish Panigrahi.

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Jason Hare

Every municipality should have an open data champion like Jason Hare, an open data program manager and an open data consultant for the City of Raleigh. He's been breaking down silos, changing the culture about open data, and showing the value to policy makers, citizens, and start-ups. Let's find out more about Hare and why he wants all data to be open by default.

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Heiko Rupp, a contributor to and Principal Software Engineer and Project Lead for the RHQ project at Red Hat, shares with us in this Community Spotlight the hardware he wishes were more open in his life. Heiko also gives a glimpse into his day-to-day on the RHQ-Project, an enterprise management solution for JBoss middleware projects and other server-side applications.

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In Nitish's first article for, he explains how to write secure code using Open Web Application Security Project guidelines. In his second, Nitish compares three giants in open source content management—Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress—based on 4 categories of criteria. Most recently, Nitish shares his thoughts on Andriod's rise to popularity in the hearts of million through open source. We're excited to have Nitish as a part of our writer community at, and we hope you enjoy his contributions. Get to know him in this Community Spotlight.

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Scott Wilson agrees that open source matters because of open code, but just as important is the process in which the code is made. Open development of code is in the social nature of many programmers, hackers, documentors, and project managers. So, what is it about open development? Find out what developing and working in the open is like for Scott Wilson in this Community Spotlight.

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The OSS Watch blog has been on our radar for a while now as a great resource for open source commentary. We've looked to their team, including development manager Mark Johnson, for thought leadership on how open source software is being used and to gauge the pulse of the open source movement. We invited Mark to be answer a few questions about what he does to promote better understanding of open source. He's got a knack for it. Read the interview.

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Lauren Egts is a student who loves technology. She teaches children and adults alike about computer programming, presenting about Raspberry Pi and Scratch at local area Mini Maker Faires and at the Akron Linux User Group. She is a member of her school's robotics team, The Fighting Unicorns, and won a 2014 Ohio Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing from the National Center for Women in Technology.

Learn more about Lauren and her ties to the open source way in this Community Spotlight interview.


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At, Aseem has recently joined the Community Moderator team. He writes mostly about the impact of open source on teaching and learning, from bridging the digital divide to the open source way in higher education. You'll also frequently find him in the comments section adding to our community discussions. Outside of work and learning, Aseem uses a variety of open source applications as a part of his everyday productivity.

Learn more about how Aseem uses these tools in his life in this Community Spotlight interview.


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Marcus D. Hanwell

Marcus works for Kitware and is a member of the Community Moderator program here at He writes about everything from specific tools to open access of scientific publications to event recaps. You might also find him in the comments helping drive discussion.

Learn more about how Marcus uses these tools in his life in this Community Spotlight interview.

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