Community Spotlight

Joshua Allen Holm

Joshua Holm is the kind of guy you want to have on your chat list if you’re ever looking for an open source tool to tackle a task. That’s because he actively keeps up with the latest open source tools and projects because much of his work involves helping people find the right software tool to meet their needs. So if you’re looking for an open source version of something, chances are Joshua can make a recommendation.

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Open SourcererCommunity ModeratorAuthorComment GardenerTop Contributor

Robin Muilwijk is a frequent contributor—he recently wrote Building a scalable open source business model in the 90s and consistently adds insightful commentary to others' articles. He has earned the role of a comment gardner in our community.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Robin.

Open Source Star100+ Contributions ClubOpen Organization AmbassadorBest Interview Award 2015Moderator's Choice Award 2014Community ModeratorTop ContributorComment GardenerAuthor

He won a 2013 People's Choice Award from the community and is one of our new community moderators. Among his many roles in the open source community, he is a contributor to ITK and Director of Science and IP at OSEHRA. He wants Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems to be more open and believes in the open source way because it empowers us to drive change.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Luis.

Open SourcererAwesome Author Award 2014People's Choice Award 2013Founding MemberAuthor

He won a 2013 People's Choice Award from the community and last year wrote a popular article: Hacker Highschool. Right now, Pete's working on an open source project called, Smarter Safer Better, a study and research (what he calls, neuro-hacking) on trust.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Pete.

Open MindedPeople's Choice Award 2013Top ContributorAuthor

An advocate for "open libraries," Nicole Engard, is one of our new community moderators, a long-time contributor, and a 2013 People's Choice Award winner. She has a passion for libraries and wants libraries' core operations to run on open source.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Nicole.

Open Source SenseiCommunity ManagerGeekModerator's Choice Award 2016Open educationWordpressPeople's Choice Award 2013AuthorFounding Member

Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire lives in Cologne, Germany, is a Drupal and open source evangelist, and the Manager of Community Affairs at Acquia. Jam has a lot of open source stories and he's shared a few of them with us.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Jam.

Open MindedTop ContributorAuthor

Denis Parfenov lives in Dublin, Ireland and works on development of the project Active Citizen, a politically-neutral citizen-centered non-profit initiative.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Denis.

Open EnthusiastTop Contributor

In our schools and our libraries, Carolyn Fox believes we can push for more openness. Just entertaining the idea of it would be a huge step in the right direction for many who aren't aware of the open source movement beyond software that is underfoot.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Carolyn.

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Erlend Sogge Heggen is an aspiring game developer, who recently contributed his first article to Open source games: It's a team effort. Erlend has jumped right in and started participating with other community members here on the site. He also contributes to the jMonkeyEngine project, a cross-platform 3D game engine.

Open MindedTop ContributorAuthor

Congratulations to our first People's Choice Award winner, Máirín Duffy. Máirín is a senior interaction designer at Red Hat. She's highly creative and a great artist, who is also passionate about open source. Read how she used it to introduce middle school students to open source.

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