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Open source solutions are improving how students learn—and how instructors teach—in communities around the world. Read the fascinating and inspiring stories we've collected about how open source is influencing education at all levels.

kids in a classroom learning about Raspberry Pi programming

I've dedicated myself to teaching electronics to beginners, both kids and adults.
Schools that #GoOpen should #GoOpenSource

Schools can save money and provide better teaching and learning with open source.
7 resources for open education materials

This month I've rounded up a list of seven open educational resources for K-12 and higher education.
Open education is more than open content

"Open education" means more than just "open content," says Jim Whitehurst. Here's how the true...
5 reasons professors should encourage students to get involved in open source projects

Out of the many reasons for supporting student participation in open source, here are five of the...
4 talks from leaders in higher ed on the future of open education

Insights from leaders in higher ed who are actively engaging in both open communities of practice...
10 skills to land your open source dream job

If you have the right open source skills, finding a job should be no obstacle.
Open is the solution to improving 21st century education

Much of the Internet runs Linux and open source software, yet in most of our schools—whether PK-12...