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Learn about programming with JavaScript, choosing a framework, and JavaScript development news.

Bring some JavaScript to your Java enterprise with Vert.x

Refresh your enterprise toolbox with the powers of JavaScript without leaving your JVM deployments.
Eben with a Java hello world message

"Hello world" is the beginning of everything when it comes to computing and programming.
Classroom chairs

These practical resources will help you get up to speed and creating dynamic web content quickly.
Code going into a computer.

Learn how to combine the D3 data visualization tool and the Angular cross-platform application development platform to create interactive visualizations.
Javascript code close-up with neon graphic overlay

Not all hacking is mischief. Here's how you can use JavaScript to make your browser better.
Rocket launching

Explore functional programming and how using it can make your programs easier to read and debug.
A community raising a barn

Helpful hints on where frameworks make sense, and where they don't.
Code with green and blue binary background of ones and zeros

If you're new to JavaScript, check out these resources to get started quickly.