The Open Organization Field Guide

The Open Organization Field Guide is a community-produced companion to The Open Organization.

What the community has taught me about open organizations

Jim Whitehurst responds to the community-produced companion to his book, The Open Organization .Read more

The evolution of the open organization

Author Brook Manville puts open organization concepts into contexts—and answers the question: "What's new here?"Read more

The best ideas win: Community reflections on The Open Organization

OpenOrg Field Guide
We're pleased to announce The Open Organization Field Guide, a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization.Read more

What our families teach us about organizational life

Jim Whitehurst answers a question he frequently receives: How do open organization principles apply to family life?Read more

Implications of The Open Organization in education

Communty moderator Don Watkins discusses The Open Organization's implications in the field of education.Read more

How I learned the difference between a community and an audience

IT publishing veteran Phil Branon explains the difference between communities and audiences—and tells us what happened the day his team ignored that...Read more

Sometimes you have to put the moose on the table

Working in an open organization means actively addressing everything that prevents collaboration. It means, as Sam Knuth says, "putting the moose on...Read more

7 co-op business principles for the open organization

The most revolutionary ideas can also be the oldest ones. Jason Baker explains what open organizations can learn from cooperatives.Read more