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Our programming article includes tutorials for getting started with popular programming languages; tricks and handy scripts; development news; tips for choosing a framework; and coding how-tos.

Kids in a classroom learning about Raspberry Pi programming

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, we want to know what programming language you think is best for introducing kids to coding. Take our poll.
A person writing.

Ever wonder where the names of your favorite open source projects or programming languages came from? Get the origin stories behind popular tech nomenclature from A to Z.
In the finale of Command Line Heroes, we learn about the significant impact of C

The season finale of Command Line Heroes offers a lesson in how a small community of open source enthusiasts can change the world.
Hands programming

Which compiler are you most likely to use? Whether you are a daily user or only need a compiler occasionally, take our poll.
bash logo on green background

The nostalgia of classic games can be a great source for mastering programming. Deep dive into Bash with Minesweeper.
Math formulas in green writing

Understand constraint programming with an example application that converts a character's case and ASCII codes.
Woman programming

Write once and convert your text into multiple formats. Here's how to get started with Markdown.
Coffee beans and a cup of coffee

Java's approach to object-oriented programming is the basis for almost everything in the language. Here's what you need to know.