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How to use Twine and SugarCube to create interactive adventure games

Learn how to get started with the open source tool Twine and versatile multimedia library SugarCube.
Power(Shell) to the people

Type less, write cleaner scripts, run consistently across platforms, and other reasons why Linux...
Talking to normal people about security

Normal people generally just want things to work.

Don't take chances with app security. Here's how to protect your users.
Parsing HTML with Python

With a little scripting, cleaning up documentation and other large sets of HTML files can be easy...
An introduction to the Web::Simple Perl module, a minimalist web framework

Perl module Web::Simple is easy to learn and packs a big enough punch for a variety of one-offs and...
Building a Linux-based HPC system on the Raspberry Pi with Ansible

Create a high-performance computing cluster with low-cost hardware and open source software.
A step-by-step guide to Git

This beginner's guide will quickly and easily get you started using Git.