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I am already a zygote. Is it too late for me to learn to program?

I hate telling the story of how I learned to program. In the third grade, a friend showed me a book he found in the school library on making small...Read more

Top 3 open source Python IDEs

Real python in the graphic jungle
In this article, we look at some of the most popular open source integrated development environments (IDEs) for Python programmers.Read more

3 steps to developing with Docker

Are you interested in using Docker to change the way you develop and package Linux applications? You're not alone. Docker, in a nutshell, is a low-...Read more

Top 4 Java web frameworks built for scalability

Michael Dowden takes a look at four Java web frameworks built for scalability.Read more

3 open source projects for modern COBOL development

COBOL programming language
Often dismissed as a relic of earlier era of computing, the language is still being updated with and there are still plenty of opportunities to apply...Read more

Jane Austen on Python: The intersection of literature and tech

Jane Austen book page
This article is for the English majors, the bookworms, the lovers of literature, and the people with humanities backgrounds who sometimes struggle...Read more

Navigating a sea of frontend frameworks

Open source on the seven seas
Which frontend framework should you pick for your next web app? Pam Selle will address this famously difficult question at this year's All Things...Read more

APIs, not apps: What the future will be like when everyone can code

The availability of open source software has created an avalanche of opportunities for the tech industry, and so will coding-capable consumers. We...Read more