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Our programming article includes tutorials for getting started with popular programming languages; tricks and handy scripts; development news; tips for choosing a framework; and coding how-tos.

Woman programming

Write once and convert your text into multiple formats. Here's how to get started with Markdown.
Coffee beans and a cup of coffee

Java's approach to object-oriented programming is the basis for almost everything in the language. Here's what you need to know.
Code on a screen

These resources will get you started and well on your way to proficiency with Python.
Hands programming

Find out how WebAssembly supplements JavaScript by providing better performance on compute-bound tasks.
4 manilla folders, yellow, green, purple, blue

Dive deeper into the structure of a C program composed of multiple files in the second part of this article.
Programming keyboard.

Grab your favorite beverage, editor, and compiler, crank up some tunes, and start structuring a C program composed of multiple files.
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Design patterns help eliminate redundant coding. Learn how to use the singleton pattern, factory pattern, and observer pattern using Java.
Listen to the Command Line Heroes Podcast

Find out more about why BASIC is a beloved first language and how the next generation will learn to code.