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The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computing platform inspiring a new generation of coders and tinkerers. Read our what is a Raspberry Pi resource page to learn more.

A person looking at a phone

Use Scrcpy to turn your phone screen into an app running alongside your applications on a Raspberry Pi or any other Linux-based device.
Calendar with coffee and breakfast

Help everyone keep up with your family's schedule using open source tools and an E Ink display.
Parts, modules, containers for software

Create and maintain your containers (aka jails) at scale on FreeBSD with Bastille.
Tips and gears turning

TotalCross makes it quick to build user interfaces for embedded applications.
Metrics and a graph illustration

Setting up an environment-monitoring system demonstrates how to use open source tools to keep tabs on temperature, humidity, and more.
Digital creative of a browser on the internet

You can use free software to support a web application on a very lightweight computer.
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Find out what's going on in your Internet of Things environment without having to host Grafana yourself.
Orange home vintage thermostat

The ThermOS project is an answer to the many downsides of off-the-shelf smart thermostats.