MySQL, Python, Firefox extensions, Linux commands, open source VPN tools, and more reader favorites

We round up reader favorites from the past two weeks.
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Check out our top 20 reads from the past two weeks:

June 4-10

  1. MySQL without the MySQL: An introduction to the MySQL Document Store, by Dave Stokes
  2. 4 Firefox extensions worth checking out, by Zsolt Szakács
  3. A friendly alternative to the find tool in Linux, by Patrick H. Mullins
  4. Programming owes its strength to our long legacy of knitting, by Carrie Stokes
  5. 3 journaling applications for the Linux desktop, by Scott Nesbitt
  6. Using MQTT to send and receive data for your next project, by Sean Dague
  7. How to use the history command in Linux, by Steve Morris
  8. 7 open source VPN tools for businesses, by Sam Bocetta
  9. How to use autofs to mount NFS shares, by Alan Formy-Duval
  10. Getting started with Buildah, by Chris Collins

May 27-June 3

  1. Introduction to the Pony programming language, by Sean T Allen
  2. 3 Python command-line tools, by Jeff Triplett and Lacey Williams Henschel
  3. You don't know Bash: An introduction to Bash arrays, by Robert Aboukhalil
  4. Manage your workstation with Ansible: Configure desktop settings, by Jay LaCroix
  5. What is behavior-driven Python?, by Andrew Knight
  6. 5 open source tools for building a map app in a snap, by Viet Nguyen
  7. 5 trending open source machine learning JavaScript frameworks, by Dr. Michael J. Garbade
  8. How to load or unload a Linux kernel module, by David Clinton
  9. What is a Linux server and why does your business need one?, by Daniel Oh
  10. 4 open source tools for distraction-free online reading, by Scott Nesbitt

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