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Poll: What do you think of the save icon?

When you think about saving your work, what iconography comes to mind? Is it still the floppy diskette, or something more contemporary? Take our poll.

Floppy disks
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What should the save icon be?

Ok, I have just been doing some writing – something I do a lot of – and for some strange reason, I actually paid attention to the icon that stands for “Save.” It is – what?? – a diskette!! Why? How long has it been since diskettes were actually used? And how would the young people coming into computing even know what a diskette is?

I still have a few old diskettes around and even an external USB diskette drive – just in case – but it has been over a decade since I used it. And that was to convert some very old WordPerfect files into ODT format for LibreOffice. I no longer even install CD/DVD devices in my computers anymore because everything I need is downloadable.

Not all “save” icons are a diskette. Some icon sets use other images, but the diskette seems to be the most common. So is there something else that might be universally recognized as an icon for “save?”

Take our poll and tell us whether the diskette icon should be replaced with something more modern.

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