10 articles you should read right now by women in tech | Opensource.com

10 articles you should read right now by women in tech

From Kubernetes to Linux, women share their expertise in tech.

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"Women in tech" is a label we use to describe humans who identify as women who are working in or playing with "tech," which is a broad term itself these days as it's all around us, touching almost everyone's life in a myriad of ways.

Some women in tech work in professional roles for software companies and others work in healthcare, education, or astrophysics using technology to get their work done and often interact with the public in some way. While others are coders, hardware nerds, and technical hobbyists by night... or simply, outside of work whether in organized groups and clubs, sharing ideas online with friends, or figuring things out alone.

"Women in tech" might have been a smaller, more niche group of people when it first came into use, but today, it encompasses a much larger group of people... and for that, we're grateful. 

Our Correspondents program includes a growing group of women, writing on topics ranging from Kubernetes to what it means to be "non-technical" in a technical world.

Today, as we celebrate growing diversity in tech, take a moment to read an article from our list of women writers on the site. And, if you are someone or know someone who might like to share their story or expertise with us, check out our guide that should have what you need to get started. If you'd like to ask a question or chat with us further, email us at open@opensource.com.

Top 10 articles by women in tech

Pair programming

The difference between the two is what happens after development.
Terminal command prompt on orange background

Remote work is here to stay; use this helpful open source solution to quickly connect and access all your devices from anywhere.
Vector, generic Raspberry Pi board

Get started with machine learning by building a portable computer vision and motion tracking system on a budget.
Cheat Sheet cover image

Download our new kubectl cheat sheet to learn helpful commands for the Kubernetes command-line utility.
Business woman on laptop sitting in front of window

Whether you need help to stay focused, maintain timeliness, or find shortcuts to avoid repetition, these Linux tools have you covered.
bash logo on green background

Improve your productivity with aliases and other shortcuts for the things you forget too often.
A person programming

Learn how to make a Minikube cluster and deploy to it with Terraform.
Coffee and laptop

Here is how I keep a terminal simple and my dotfiles secure through a lot of subtle complexity.
A dollar sign in a network

Get control of your finances with HomeBank without breaking the bank.
Woman sitting in front of her computer

Whether you are new to working remotely or are a seasoned veteran, here are tips to improve the experience.


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