13 examples of how DevOps facilitated transformation in 2021

In 2021, Opensource.com's top DevOps articles focused on tools, best practices, and the most crucial part: transformation.
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Tips and gears turning


2021 has been an exciting year for DevOps as teams continue to adjust to remote and hybrid working models. The DevOps articles that made our most-read list this year show how our community focuses on tools, innovation, best practices, and transformation.

DevOps tools and innovation

Tools of the trade continue to rank as a top read for Opensource.com readers. Nimisha Mukherjee, an engineering manager with Red Hat, wrote 13 open source tools for developers. She breaks tools down by Inner loop, the most common tasks developers do, and Outer loop, where the developers' code goes through continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for deployment to production.

Implementing a DevOps toolchain also ranked high on our reader's interests. A first-time contributor, Tereza Denkova, Marketing Associate at Accedia, an IT professional services company, wrote How to implement a DevOps toolchain and eloquently tied it to innovation.

DevOps practices

Daniel Oh, a major champion for Opensource.com and a prolific content creator in his own right, wrote 3 serverless strategies to look for in 2021, giving an overview of how serverless application development and deployment approaches are accelerating the adoption of DevApps practices today.

Evan "Hippy" Slatis offers strategies for aligning deployment images and descriptors in his article Solve the repository impedance mismatch in CI/CD. He's a senior consultant for Red Hat, and the methodical approach he takes in his article testifies to his industry experience. Also, check out his article entitled Processing modular and dynamic configuration files in shell.

In my article A DevOps guide to documentation, I made a case for documentation to become part of the DevOps discussion. I got some insightful comments from readers that I'm in the process of following up on for a future article.

DevOps transformation

We sometimes don't give DevOps credit for its ability to adapt to organizational needs. It's essential to understand the potential impact of other forms of Ops that may supplement or augment DevOps now or in the future. Bryant Son, a self-described Octocat, makes the case that GitOps is an evolved form of DevOps in GitOps vs. DevOps: What's the difference?

Mike Calizo, a Red Hat solutions architect based in Auckland, New Zealand, wrote How to adopt DevSecOps successfully. His experience as a solutions architect shines through in this article. He explains some of the adoption and security challenges you might face in your move to DevSecOps.

I wrote a series of articles about DevOps to DevSecOps transformation that made the list. Here they are:

2022 and the future of DevOps

Seeing the DevOps articles that made the most-read list for 2021 speaks to an even more interesting 2022 for DevOps as organizations continue to master their tools, improve their strategies, and continue their digital transformation to compete effectively in an ever-changing marketplace.

Thank you to everyone who read our DevOps articles, liked them, and sent us comments via the site and social media.

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