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Happy New Year! December was a strong month on considering the holiday season. We had 258,000 page views, 123,000 unique visitors and a successful gift guide contest with 1,200 entrants, 43 prizes, and 700 new registered users.

We wish everyone a successful 2014 and we're thankful for the readers that find our stories interesting and for sharing those stories on social media, with colleagues, and with those who are new to open source and the open source way. And, be sure to help us populate our open source events calendar.

Top 10 articles on in December 2013

  1. The open source solution to the bee colony collapse problem (9,841 page views), by Tristan Smith
  2. Why Python is perfect for startups (6,613 page views), by Vadim Nareyko
  3. Best of Top 10 open source projects in 2013 (6,353 page views), by (Red Hat)
  4. How OpenStack differs from Amazon and must rise to the occasion (4,753 page views), by Diane Mueller (Red Hat)
  5. The first supercapacitor-powered portable speakers are open source (3,882 page views), by Jen Wike (Red Hat)
  6. An open source, infinitely scalable Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) (3,046 page views), by Mark Travis
  7. The top 10 Linux videos of 2013, reviving dead open source projects, and more (2,466 page views), by Ginny Skalski (Red Hat)
  8. How to make the brave move from commercial to open source (2,015 page views), by Mihai Guiman
  9. OpenShot video editor will be big in 2014 (1,528 page views), by Phil Shapiro
  10. Exploring sustainable software for science (1,213 page views), by Marcus D. Hanwell

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