Southeast LinuxFest doesn't have to end

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Monday morning after a great conference can be a downer, but the conference can keep rolling right here. This past weekend's Southeast Linuxfest was full of great technical talks, as well as more community-focused ones, many by authors. If you enjoyed their talks, you may also be interested in their stories here:

Speaker SELF talk posts
Tarus Balog Tastes great or less filling? Marketing an open source business - How some sales processes don't work for OSS
- Open source for sale
- Marketing an open source business
Greg DeKoenigsberg What education can (and can't) learn from open source - Obama bets big on open ed--with one little catch
- Remixing Euclid
Can professors teach open source?
- More by Greg
Leslie Hawthorn Humanitarian FOSS: Saving the world one bit at a time Humanitarian free and open source software in the local community
Dru Lavigne How can I contribute to open source? Dru Lavigne: Confessions of a community manager (by Ruth Suehle)

If you attended my talk, here are a few of the links to stories I mentioned and promised to post:

And finally, if you enjoyed Tom Callaway's closing keynote and would like to find out if your open source project is doomed to FAIL, add up its points at the

What was your favorite SELF talk?

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Ruth Suehle is the community leadership manager for Red Hat's Open Source and Standards team. She's co-author of Raspberry Pi Hacks (O'Reilly, December 2013) and a senior editor at GeekMom, a site for those who find their joy in both geekery and parenting.

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