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Open*Life: 2011 in review

Open*Life: 2011 in review
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A second great year on has proven even more that openness can improve just about anything. No matter what you're interested in, we've had a story for you. A few examples:

Below are our most popular posts for the year, but you may have had other favorites. Let us know in the comments what you most enjoyed hearing about the openness of in 2011 and what you're looking forward to in 2012.

The Life channel's 2011 top 10

  1. The DRM graveyard: A brief history of digital rights management in music
  2. Steam for Linux confirmed (April Fool's Day post)
  3. Microsoft cuts Asterisk ties: What are the open source Skype alternatives?
  4. An anthropologist's view of an open source community
  5. Kdenlive part 1: An introduction to Kdenlive
  6. #noemail: Are technology's early adopters abandoning their email?
  7. How we almost lost Doom 3 and id for good
  8. FabFi: An open source wireless network built with trash
  9. A Boxee Box review: Recent updates and openness questions
  10. Free as in sake: The story of Koji

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