Top 10 articles published on in February 2014

Top 10 posts from in February 2014

The top ten monthly highlights
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We had a stellar February and a new record for bringing in 325,775 page views and 219,300 unique visits. We finished our Women in Open Source Week at the beginning of the month, then featured Beginners in Open Source Week. These stories were gathered from developers, designers, educators, and more in the open source community who may not have considered sharing their story before but were encouraged to do so because of our focus on "women" and "beginners" in open source.

In other news, we published a new "What is OpenStack?" page. We've found that many of our readers are eager to learn more about this open source project for building and managing cloud computing platforms.

Now, a couple of thank yous before we get to our Top 10:

  • Thank you to Dr. Bowring, professor of computer science at the College of Charleston, who gave CSCI 462 class students this assignment: "Explore Read at least two medium length articles from the site and blog about what you learned and your response to the articles." Talk about some fun homework!
  • Thank You to Horst Jens from Vienna who translated several of our education posts into German and republished them in his magazine for schools and teachers. Isn't Creative Commons awesome?

Last but not least, a huge thank you to our community of readers in February for sending in story ideas, open source events, and for sharing our content on social media, with colleagues, as well as with students, package maintainers, and peers who are new to open source and the open source way.

Top 10 articles on in February 2014

  1. Who helps your Linux distribution run smoothly? Thank a packager today by Luis Ibanez (Community Moderator)—(13,126 page views)
  2. How to teach hacking in school and open up education by Pete Herzog—(6,769 page views)
  3. What will drive mainstream desktop Linux? by Maricelle Thomas—(5,490 page views)
  4. Top 10 legal issues for free software of 2013 by Mark Radcliffe—(5,250 page views)
  5. Open source as an alternative for small businesses by Aseem Sharma (Community Moderator)—(3,643 page views)
  6. Creative Commons enables the return of the game Glitch by Ruth Suehle (Red Hat)—(3,599 page views)
  7. Make money and have fun in open source by Christy Eller—(3,472 page views)
  8. How OpenStack parallels the adoption of Linux by Gordon Haff (Red Hat)—(3,196 page views)
  9. Breaking down geek stereotypes in open source by Jodi Biddle (Red Hat)—(2,814 page views)
  10. What's the best Linux desktop environment for me? by Meine—(2,811 page views)

Editor's picks

Here are a few of our favorite articles from last month.

  • Our friends from OpenHatch put together a list of questions that newcomers to open source projects rarely ask. The best part? They have answers too.
  • Have you thought about getting more involved in your government, but you're not sure where to start? Andrew Hyder with Code for America has tips on getting started in civic hacking.
  • Georgia Bullen from the Open Technology Institute (OTI) has five steps to help you implement design and userfriven features into your open source project.
  • One of our Community Moderators has a great review of the Makerbot Replicator 2x 3D printer.
  • There was some interesting discussion on having copyright statements inside open source code. Share your thoughts.

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