Linux through a journalist's eyes

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How does a self-proclaimed "English and history guy" make a career writing about Linux? In this video, veteran technology journalist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols tells us precisely how.

Vaughan-Nichols takes listeners on a journey through his storied career, highlighting his early days translating programming languages for non-technical users. He still remembers the day he stumbled on Linux. "I discovered that Linux was actually neat—that this little Finnish graduate student with the funny name on the Minix newsgroup was on to something," he says. And for nearly 25 years, Vaughan-Nichols says, that special "something" has propelled his career.

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Great talk. I've been reading Steven for many years and it was neat to meet him at All Things Open and to hear this talk. It's also great to hear this again. I too am a history guy who found himself intrigued by Linux and open source software.

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