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We love talking with readers and hearing from people through our articles and comments--but sometimes you just want to have a conversation. See faces, hear voices, listen in on a real-time discussion.

The best way we've found to do this--and still include nearly everybody--is through online webcasts. So we've had a few. And plan to have a few more. We hope you will join us.

And if you haven't (or can't) and missed something you'd like to see? We'll collect them here in our archives, so you can go back anytime and check them out. Enjoy!

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November 17, 2011: Drupal and Linux: Lessons learned for building open source communities

Dries Buytaert, creator of Drupal and co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Acquia
Michael Tiemann, Vice President of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat

October 13, 2011: Open source, the foundation of cognitive surplus

Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus

August 25, 2011: What's next for MIT OpenCourseWare?

Cecilia d'Oliveira, Executive Director of OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

July 7, 2011: Using open data to improve health

Todd Park, CTO, US Department of Health and Human Services

June 22, 2011 Drive and motivation

Daniel Pink, author of Drive

May 19, 2011: Free vs. paid business models: Why and how to build an open source business

Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic, and Nicolas Pujol, author of The Mindshare Market

April 20, 2011: Free and open source software for music production

Adam Drew, Technical Support Engineer

March 17, 2011: Open Leadership

Charlene Li

March 2, 2011: A Game Plan for Game Changers: Practically Radical

Bill Taylor and Polly LaBarre

February 16, 2011: Without Hesitation

General Hugh Shelton


December 9, 2010: Building a Better Boss

Bob Sutton and Polly LaBarre

November 11, 2010: Open services innovation

Henry Chesbrough and Gary Hamel

October 21, 2010: Good Faith Collaboration

Joseph Reagle

September 1, 2010: Open Innovation Revolution

Stefan Lindegaard