Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
Gaming, business, budgeting, art, programming, and more. These are just a few of the many ways anyone can use Linux.
Looking at a map for career journey
Our past lives can be exciting and funny. Here are some surprising ways folks have made their way to open source.
Multi-colored and directional network computer cables
You never know how your first job might influence your career path.
Building an arch
What the deployment of Decide Madrid can teach us on creating a participatory culture to effectively engage with citizens.
An intersection of pipes.
Take a detour on the super information highway.
Terminal command prompt on orange background
Learn the basics of terminal multiplexing with GNU Screen, then download our cheat sheet so you always have the essential shortcuts at hand.
A secure lock.
OpenSSL is a practical tool for ensuring your sensitive and secret messages can't be opened by outsiders.
Blue folders flying in the clouds above a city skyline
Set up cross-platform file sharing with Samba.
Net catching 1s and 0s or data in the clouds
Structured data is friendly for automation, and you can take full advantage of it with Ansible.