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Some of the best technology is a moving target. When technology stagnates, society tends to outpace and outgrow it.
Person using a laptop
Jed's handy drop-down menu makes it easy for users who are new to terminal text editors.
Security monster
Configuration changes to CrowdSec stopped a 7,000-machine botnet in less than a minute.
cubes coming together to create a larger cube
Chainlink connects blockchain data with external, "real-world" data using decentralized oracles.
Gift box opens with colors coming out
The latest Raspberry Pi bundles the microcomputer inside a keyboard for ease of use, portability, and performance.
Terminal command prompt on orange background
Use aliases to create shortcuts for your most-used or complex Git commands.
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Put some automation behind your daily writing with Jupyter and Python.
failure sign at a party, celebrating failure
"Everybody is perfect, except you." This toxic thought can creep in and ruin your confidence. Here's how to normalize failure during the learning process and remember that everyone makes mistakes.
Digital images of a computer desktop
Which of the three dominant wireless protocols used in home automation—WiFi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee—is right for you? Consider the options in part three of this series.