Open source CAD programs
Business » Article
Are open source alternatives to AutoCAD a good fit for your needs? Read about several options and decide for yourself.
0 comments Posted 26 May 2016 Jason Baker (Red Hat) Feed
Interview with Dan Schneiderman, Rochester Institute of Technology
Education » Article
We sat down with Dan Scheiderman, the new head of the FOSS@MAGIC program at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
0 comments Posted 26 May 2016 Justin W. Flory Feed
7 tips for bringing open source to networking
Business » Article
Jay Turner gives tips for attracting and maintaining an open source community around networking.
0 comments Posted 26 May 2016 Jay Turner Feed
Join us to celebrate one year of The Open Organization
The Open Organization » Article
Join us next week for "Open Organization Week" at
What containers and unikernels can learn from Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Business » Article
Containers and unikernels share many similarities with the general purpose open hardware boards.
0 comments Posted 25 May 2016 Scott McCarty (Red Hat) Feed
3 alternatives to resumes for hiring talent
Business » Article
Hiring is not a filtering problem anymore, it's a sourcing problem.
0 comments Posted 25 May 2016 Nicole C. Engard Feed
Coming soon! First ever certification for open hardware
Life » Article
At the Open Hardware Summit in Portland this year, OSHWA will present the first ever open hardware certification.
1 comment Posted 25 May 2016 Alicia Gibb Feed
The Open Organization » Article
Marketing as we know it is changing. But new challenges aren't anything a community can't solve, says Jackie Yeaney.
2 comments Posted 25 May 2016 Jackie Yeaney (Red Hat) Feed
Getting started with Espruino
Life » Article
Espruino is an open source and open hardware JavaScript interpreter that runs on the microcontroller itself.
0 comments Posted 24 May 2016 Gordon Williams Feed
How to make a culture change at your company
Life » Article
Barry O'Reilly gave a talk about how to push through change in an enterprise at Cultivate prior to OSCON 2016.
0 comments Posted 24 May 2016 Nicole C. Engard Feed


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