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2019 was a year of learning in the Cherry household. I am a senior software engineer who set out to learn new skills and, along the way, I taught my... Read more
Files in a folder
A simple and primitive script to open Vim with your file of choice.
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A simple script to list files, directories, executables, and links.
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Cut down on your email clutter by removing yourself from email lists you no longer need.
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Learn how to make the most of this open source dashboard tool.
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If you're a United States citizen, learn how to do your own state tax returns with OpenTaxSolver.
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Share your Twine 2 interactive stories on your WordPress site with the Embed Twine plugin.
Blocks for building
A community of practice can kickstart innovation in your organization. Here's how to build one—and ensure it thrives.
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Get hands-on with Wasm, PyQt, and Qt WebAssembly.