Person drinking a hot drink at the computer
After years as an educator, I became a professional software developer.
Penguin with green background
Learn how systemd determines the order services start, even though it is essentially a parallel system.
Analytics: Charts and Graphs
Seaborn makes complicated things uncomplicated by giving you a range of plot types that "just work."
Digital images of a computer desktop
Make adding machines to your private cloud at home similar to how the major cloud providers handle it.
A graph of a wave.
Matplotlib is the powerhouse of data visualization for Python developers. Here's how to get started.
Family learning and reading together at night in a room
Turn your WordPress site into an interactive learning management system with this open source plugin.
Typewriter in the grass
Become a better writer by following these tips.
System76 Lemur Pro laptop
A quick overview of a lightweight professional computer for Linux users.