Someone wearing a hardhat and carrying code
Java is (disputably) the undisputed heavyweight in open source, cross-platform programming.
Password lock
Periodically checking for password compromise is an excellent way to help ward off most attackers in most threat models.
Man at laptop on a mountain
Tell us about your summer project by taking our poll. Plus, read what our writers are working on.
Raspberry Pi 4 board
A new version of the $35 computer features a 1.5GHz Arm chip and support for dual-HDMI 4K displays, Gigabit Ethernet, and much more.
Weekly news roundup with TV
Catch up on the biggest open source headlines from the past two weeks.
Record player with an LP spinning
GogglesMM developer and maintainer shares the reasons he created an open source music player.
Several images of graphs.
These open source tools will help you feel confident in your infrastructure's performance as it scales up.
Team of people around the world
There are almost 100 languages with more than 10 million speakers. How many of your active contributors speak one?
cubes coming together to create a larger cube
SSH is probably not the best way to run commands in a container; try this instead.