Top 10 and highlights: September review

Top 10 and highlights: September review welcomed nearly two-dozen new writers in September and featured articles on machine learning.

Top 10 and highlights: September review
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We published 77 articles last month, and welcomed 23 new authors. More than 68% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community, and our community moderators contributed 13 articles.


Editor's Pick 6

Here are six must-read articles from September:

  1. Diversity and inclusion: Stop talking and do your homework—by Emma Irwin
  2. What's the current state of Linux distros for kids?—by Jimmy Sjölund
  3. Growing your team's open culture, one buddy at a time—by Ingrid Towey
  4. Recording live presentations (3-part series)—by Antoine Thomas
  5. Innersource: How to leverage open source in the enterprise—by Erin Bank
  6. 9 open source license management rules for startups—by Heather Meeker


Top 10 articles published in September

  1. A guide to logging in Python— by Mario Corchero
  2. 3 text editor alternatives to Emacs and Vim—by Scott Nesbitt (Community Moderator)
  3. A programmer’s cleaning guide for messy sensor data—by Xavier Ho
  4. Ansible announces AWX open source project—by Paul W. Frields (Red Hat)
  5. An introduction to machine learning today—by Ulrich Drepper (Red Hat)
  6. 3 Python web scrapers and crawlers—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  7. How to become a data scientist—by Michael A. Alcorn (Red Hat)
  8. We're giving away a Linux-ready laptop from ZaReason—by Alex Sanchez (Red Hat)
  9. The 7 stages of becoming a Go programmer—by Daisuke Maki
  10. What is your favorite open source Java IDE?—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)

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