Highlights from January: Top articles and new records

Top 10 and editor's picks: January review

Thanks to our community of writers, readers, and moderators, we kicked off the new year with a record-setting traffic month on Opensource.com.

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Opensource.com brought in 679,992 unique visitors who generated 1,122,064 page views in January, a new record for both metrics. We published 92 articles, including 13 that were a part of our Getting Started in Open Source series. We also celebrated our 7th anniversary with the launch of the PDF edition of our Open Source Yearbook. We welcomed 13 new authors, and almost 70% of our content was contributed by members of the open source community. Our energetic community moderators contributed 32 articles.

January highlights

Editor's Pick 6

Here are six of our many favorite articles from January:

  1. What does cross stitch have to do with programming? More than you think—by Anna Ossowski
  2. Open technology for land rights documentation—by Kate Chapman (see her linux.conf.au talk below)
  3. Why we need an open model to design and evaluate public policy—by Audrey Lobo-Pulo (see her linux.conf.au talk below)
  4. Tips for non-native English speakers working on open source projects—by Masayuki Igawa, Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz, and Dong Ma (see their linux.conf.au talk below)
  5. How to choose your first programming language—by Kojo Idrissa
  6. The difference between development and deployment—by Robert M. Lefkowitz (see his linux.conf.au talk below)

Top 10 new articles published in January

  1. 4 hot skills for Linux pros in 2017—by Shawn Powers
  2. 50 ways to avoid getting hacked in 2017—by Daniel J Walsh (Red Hat)
  3. What is your favorite Linux distribution?—by Opensource.com
  4. Getting started with shell scripting—by Seth Kenlon (Red Hat)
  5. Troubleshooting tips for the 5 most common Linux issues—by Jeremy Garcia (Community Moderator)
  6. 10 reasons to use Cinnamon as your Linux desktop environment—by David Both (Community Moderator)
  7. Improve your programming skills with Exercism—by VM (Vicky) Brasseur (Community Moderator)
  8. Solid state drives in Linux: Enabling TRIM for SSDs—by Don Watkins (Community Moderator)
  9. 3 to-do list managers for the Linux command line—by Scott Nesbitt (Community Moderator)
  10. 7 notable legal developments in open source in 2016—by Richard Fontana (Red Hat)

Top 10 articles in January

  1. Top 11 project management tools for 2016—by Robin Muilwijk (Community Moderator)
  2. The current state of video editing for Linux—by Chris Long (Red Hat)
  3. 5 open source alternatives to Trello —by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  4. Open source alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for PDFs—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  5. 4 hot skills for Linux pros in 2017—by by Shawn Powers
  6. 4 open source alternatives to Dreamweaver—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  7. 50 ways to avoid getting hacked in 2017—by Daniel J Walsh (Red Hat)
  8. What is your favorite Linux distribution?—by Opensource.com
  9. 5 open source home automation tools—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  10. 3 open source alternatives to AutoCAD—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)

Would you like to see your name on this list? Send us your story ideas. Also see what's coming up the Opensource.com February preview.

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