Happy birthday to Opensource.com: 7 years of open source

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Happy birthday

Image by Oscar Cortez. Modified by Opensource.com. CC BY-SA 2.0.

On our lucky 7th birthday, the Opensource.com team decided to get visual.

First, a big THANK YOU to our entire community of readers, contributors, advisors, moderators, columnists, and more. Without you, none of this would be possible. We are in constant awe of what you share with us, and honored to be a storytelling platform for the open source community. In 2017, we hope to reach even larger, broader audiences with powerful stories of "open."

In addition to celebrating our birthday today, we're launching our 2016 Open Source Yearbook! The yearbook rounds up the top projects, technologies, and stories from 2016. Get your free download.

Visits and page views

Since our first day on the job, on January 25, 2010, we've grown a lot.


Reader snapshot

Our readers used these browsers, platforms, and operating systems to connect with us in 2016.


Editorial snapshot

Our writers and contributors are integral to bringing you interesting, helpful articles on relevant open source topics.

Opensource.com Editorial Snapshot 2016

Article key topics

We accept article submissions from open source users, contributors, experts, and novices from all over the world. To contact us about writing for us, complete our webform or email us at open@opensource.com.

What we were writing about in 2010

Since 2010, we've evolved our editorial focus to match what our readers want.


What we wrote about in 2016

Last year, we focused much more on technology topics, while continuing to cover how open source goes beyond technology.


Thank you

Thanks for celebrating with us! We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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Jen leads a team of community managers for the Digital Communities team at Red Hat. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and daughters, June and Jewel.



Happy Birthday to everyone aboard this amazing community!

Happy Birthday to the awesome community, a big shout out for the hard-working opensource.com staff and contributors for spreading the awareness and for giving us a platform to share our thoughts and knowledge and for fueling up our passion!

Happy birthday and congrats to everyone who makes Opensource.com possible! Proud to be a part of this awesome community.

Happy Birthday and congratulations to everyone who makes Opensource.com possible. I've been a fan since its inception.

Happy Happy Birthday! So happy to be part of such an awesome community!

Happy birthday to the best community on the ol' World Wide Web!

Happy Birthday opensource.com! Been awesome to watch this great site and community grow over the years. Thanks to Jeff, Jason, Jen and the whole opensource.com team for your leadership!

Happy birthday! :-)

I'm very happy to be contributing to your site.
One thing I always wonder about when I'm working on something on line, with repeated editing and whatever, is how many visits to a site/page are there that aren't me? In this case, how many visits to opensource.com come from outside RedHat?

Has it been seven years already? Seems like only yesterday the original crew was slowly but surely building the site. My, how Opensource.com has grown. Great to be part of that growth!

Wow! Happy Birthday opensource.com. Thanks a lot to all moderators & contributors for your amazing effort!

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