Top 10 and highlights: August review

Top 10 and highlights: August review

We look back at a hot list of popular reads last month.

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Editor's Pick 6

Here are six of our many favorite articles from August:

  1. Why open source should be the first choice for cloud-native environments—by Elizabeth K. Joseph
  2. 4 open principles for building a better startup—by Mark Krake
  3. Getting started with ImageMagick—by Greg Pittman
  4. 8 open source Android apps for education—by Joshua Allen Holm (Community Moderator)
  5. How to get started with the Foreman sysadmin tool—by Amit Das (Red Hat)
  6. How to get the next generation coding early—by Dr. Bryson Payne

Top 10 articles published in August

  1. 13 amazing maps to celebrate 13 years of OpenStreetMap—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  2. What was your first programming language?—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  3. Happy anniversary, Linux: A look back at where it all began—by Jim Hall
  4. 6 reasons why GNOME is still the best Linux desktop environment—by Jay LaCroix
  5. Don't hate COBOL until you've tried it—by Walt Mankowski
  6. Top 3 open source Python IDEs—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  7. 5 open source alternatives to Slack for team chat—by Jason Baker (Red Hat)
  8. 7 mistakes you're probably making—by Jono Bacon (Community Moderator)
  9. We're giving away FOUR LulzBot 3D printers—by Alex Sanchez (Red Hat)
  10. Testing in production: Yes, you can (and should)—by Charity Majors

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