The 24 days of Linux command line toys |

The 24 days of Linux command line toys

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Linux toy: boxes

Learn how to use the boxes utility to draw shapes with characters at the Linux terminal and make your words stand out.
Linux toy: sl

Using the sl command, you can train yourself to get on track with a fun command-line experience.
Linux toy: fortune

Bring quotes and quips to the command line with the fortune utility.
Linux toy: cowsay

Bring a bovine voice to your terminal output with the cowsay utility.
Linux toy: lolcat

With this simple utility, you can add a rainbow of color to the output of any program you want.
Linux toy: nyancat

Rainbows, Pop-Tarts, and cats in space: What more could you want at your terminal?
Linux toy: cal

Link commands together to build a colorful calendar, and then whisk it away in a snowstorm.
Linux toy: tetris

Recreate the magic of the 1980s with everyone's favorite tile-matching game, Tetris.
Linux toy: 2048

Looking for a terminal-based game to pass the time? Look no further than 2048-cli.
Linux toy: snake

Python isn't the only snake you'll find at the Linux command line with this classic 1970s game remake.
Linux toy: Bash prompt

Your Linux terminal probably supports Unicode, so why not take advantage of that and add a seasonal touch to your prompt?
Linux toy: cmatrix

Recreate the classic look and feel of everyone's favorite 1990s sci-fi movie code scroller with cmatrix.
Linux toy: aafire

Chestnuts roasting on an open command prompt? Why not, with this fun Linux toy.
Linux toy: myman

Want to recreate the magic of your favorite arcade game? Today's command-line toy will transport you back in time.
Linux toy: eliza

Eliza is a natural language processing chatbot hidden inside of one of Linux's most popular text editors.
Linux toy: asciiquarium

Darling it's better, when your command line is wetter, thanks to ASCII.
Linux toy: figlet

Need make sure your command is heard? Pipe it to a banner and it won't be missed.
Linux toy: Nudoku

Sudokus are simple logic games that can be enjoyed just about anywhere, including in your Linux terminal.
Linux toy: cava

eSpeak is an open source text-to-speech synthesizer that can be invoked from the Linux command line.
Linux toy: mplayer

MPlayer is an extremely versatile open source media player that can be surprisingly useful at the Linux command line.
Linux toy: youtube-dl

Thought video content was just for your GUI? Think again.
Linux toy: remote

Use these tools to access weather, reading material, and more from remote locations.
Linux toy: adventure

Our final day of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar ends with the beginning of a grand adventure.


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