30 Linux installation tales, Make and Makefile explained, Linux tools, container security, DevOps tips, and more

30 Linux installation tales, Make and Makefile explained, Linux tools, container security, DevOps tips, and more

We've rounded up our most popular reads from the past week.

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Top 10 (August 21-27)

Here's what Opensource.com readers were most excited about on the site last week:

Run and compile your programs more efficiently with this handy automation tool.
9 flowchart and diagramming tools for Linux

Which open source flowchart tool is the best option for you?

Moving data between commands? Use a pipe to make the process quick and easy.

Use these tools to automate your CI pipeline and boost the efficiency of your DevOps operations.
penguin on ice, blue background

The Linux kernel turns another year older on August 25.

Use these programs to identify vulnerabilities and scan your containers for malware.

Learn how one healthcare startup addresses HIPAA's data protection requirements.

What's your favorite Linux kernel release?

Learn how to make your first kernel contribution, and what you should know before getting started.

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