Programming languages to learn now, network monitoring tools, backup solutions, and more must-reads

Programming languages to learn now, network monitoring tools, backup solutions, and more must-reads

We round up the most popular articles from the past week.

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Unsurprisingly readers had great interest in—and strong opinions on—which programming languages you should learn, which brought in almost 15,000 page views to Marty Kalin's article recent article.

Last week we wrapped up voting for our 2019 Community Awards. Read our announcement article to see the full list of winners. Meanwhile, nominees for the Red Hat Women in Open Source Awards were recently announced and voting is open until February 25th

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Top 10 (February 4-10)

magnifying glass on computer screen

Learning a new programming language is a great way to get ahead in your career. But which one?
Mesh networking connected dots

Keep an eye on your network to avoid downtime with these monitoring tools.
Terminal command prompt on orange background

Share your favorite Linux backup solution in our new poll.
Programming at a browser, orange hands

Visual mode makes it easier to highlight and manipulate text in Vim.
Green graph of measurements

There's no magical way to do it, but these practices will put you well on your way to embracing agile in application development, testing, and debugging.
Student desk for open education

Expand your job skills with Wikiversity's Open Source 3D Printing course.
A robot arm illustration

While 2018 was a big year for AI, the stage is set for it to make an even deeper impact in 2019.

Learn some tricks to minimize the time you spend tracking down the reasons your code fails.
Digital hand surrounding by objects, bike, light bulb, graphs

Want to learn Git? Check out this quick summary of the most important terms and commands.
A diagram of some plants.

Learn more about this tool for modeling a variety of natural and social phenomena.

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