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Certifications for DevOps engineers

Establish your DevOps expertise and become more valuable in the job marketplace with these certifications.

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DevOps teams appreciate using DevOps processes, especially in multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructures, for many reasons. For one thing, DevOps breaks down barriers and enables agile software development and continuous delivery of IT operations. It is also popular in enterprises because it helps accelerate business outcomes through digital transformation.

DevOps engineers and site reliability engineers (SREs) help organizations achieve their performance objectives because they have the high-level skillsets required to use the tools that orchestrate the DevOps pipeline—from automated app builds to continuous integration, multi-stage testing, and continuous deployment on the hybrid cloud.

As agile practices and processes move deeper into enterprises, experts with the knowledge to scale the framework can become more valuable in DevOps teams and across their organizations.

DevOps certifications to consider

A successful career in DevOps engineering requires knowledge of agile practices, excellent collaboration skills, and the ability to thrive on rapid response times. DevOps-related certifications, including the ones listed below, will strengthen your capabilities to align with market demands and demonstrate your expertise.

  • ICAgile certifications demonstrate expertise in agile methodologies and practices for DevOps initiatives. Training is offered by more than 150 member organizations; the costs vary depending upon courses selected and coursework providers.
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification recognizes knowledge of agile tools and principles. Certification requires passing the PMI-ACP exam, which costs US$ 435.00 (for Project Management Institute members) or US$ 495.00 (for non-members).
  • Many organizations are using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as the foundation to deliver lean software development. The Scaled Agile Academy offers multiple SAFe certifications for various professions and roles. Certification is earned based on taking specific classes and passing exams; the cost depends on which class you choose.
  • Open source tools and platforms enable DevOps teams to build, deploy, and manage Linux container apps with minimal efforts. Kubernetes is a popular (and growing) platform to manage clusters of containers, and Kubernetes certification is an excellent option for sysadmins who aspire to become DevOps professionals. This expertise will also help you reduce human errors, minimize manual tasks, and eventually improve team collaboration across multiple open organizations.


These certifications will establish your DevOps credentials and help you encourage your team to embrace DevOps practices. Certification is not the end of your DevOps learning journey; rather it's the first step in becoming a DevOps professional. To keep up with the latest tools and technologies, continue to practice your skills and stay in touch with news about DevOps trends and insights.

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