Build a clock for your entertainment center with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to build a simple clock with a Raspberry Pi indexes millions of open source projects and repositories

What if we applied the techniques Google applied to index the internet back in 1998 to the world of...
A hands-on look at SparkFun's new Spectacle kit

SparkFun's new Spectacle kit was created with artists in mind.
How open is your organization?

The Open Organization Ambassadors have just published the Open Organization Maturity Model, a...
The truth about sysadmins

Stereotypes about system administration are a dime a dozen. Here's the truth about what it's like...
Does your software development team use scrum?

Is scrum a part of your team's project management workflow?
Neo4j in your own software: Very basic Perl hacking

In the prior articles in this series, we've looked at the fundamentals of graph databases and...
If you were on a desert island, which license would you take with you?

First, we need to ask ourselves why we should bother choosing a license? Are you: presenting your...'s IRC Cheat Sheet

Download the cheat sheet, then practice your fresh chat skills by connecting with one of your...
Lessons in OpenStack: New tutorials and how-tos

Are you a developer or system administrator who wants to learn more about OpenStack?


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