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This year was a great one for seeing open source affect new and exciting aspects of our lives. We saw open source reach from science to gadgets, from music to gaming, and much more. Here are some of our favorites from the Life channel in 2013.

Open science

2013 may have been the year when access to scientific knowledge reached its tipping point. Open source has definitely found its way into the research process, and many scientists found new ways this year to create and share their research using the open source way.

Open gadgets

Earlier this month we asked what open source gadget is at the top of your holiday wishlist? We covered a lot of hardware news this year, but these fantastic gadgets were at the top of our list and made their way to our holiday gift guide.

Open gaming

In February we asked if 2013 would finally be the year of Linux gaming. Not only has it been a phenomenal year for gaming on Linux, it’s been a year of progress for open gaming across all sorts of platforms, including tabletops!

Open music

In August Michael Tiemann asked "can there be open source music?" This year we've shown that not only is the answer a resounding "yes," but that there are great options across genres for both musicians and listeners to get involved in open source.

Top 10 open life articles in 2013

An open life doesn’t always fall into neat categories. Here are the top ten most read articles from the Life channel on this past year. Did your favorite article make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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  10. Find an open source RSS reader today

Thanks to everyone who helped make 2013 a spectacular year for the Life channel. See you in 2014!

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