Top 10 articles published on in March 2014

Top 10 posts from in March 2014

Top 10 posts
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Join the 85,000 open source advocates who receive our giveaway alerts and article roundups. was firing on all cylinders in March bringing in 400,487 page views and 224,116 unique visits. And, we published more than 60 articles in a month. During our Open Hardware Week (March 17-28), we 18 featured articles, added three new contributors to the community, and landed an interview with Jeff Moe, CEO of Aleph Objects (LulzBot 3D printers).

OpenStack continues to be a popular topic on the site. Several publications picked up our Want an IT job? Learn OpenStack article including Infoworld,, and Silicon Angle.

For the third month in a row, the top article was Top 5 open source project management tools in 2014, written by Community Moderator, Robin Muilwijk. It is getting steady traffic from search and was the most visited page on the site last month.

As always, a big thank you to our community of readers for sending in story ideas and submitting open source events. We also appreciate everyone sharing their favorite articles on social media, with colleagues, students, makers, and peers who are new to open source and the open source way.

Top 10 articles on in March 2014

  1. How times have changed for PostgreSQL, by Bruce Momjian—(24,204 page views)
  2. Introduction to Linux course now free, open to all, by Amanda McPherson | (11,781 page views)
  3. Three events that moved Linux forward, by Aseem Sharma | (9,781 page views)
  4. Want an IT job? Learn OpenStack, by Jason Baker (Red Hat) | (8,922 page views)
  5. 7 favorite Raspberry Pi projects, by Ruth Suehle (Red Hat) | (7,723 page views)
  6. A 3D printed hand brings the crowd to their feet, by Peregrine Hawthorn | (4,153 page views)
  7. Try your hand at these open hardware projects for beginners, by Michael Harrison (Red Hat) | (3,890 page views)
  8. Going to the extreme to make 3D printers open source, by Ginny Skalski (Red Hat) | (3,050 page views)
  9. Bridging the gap between OpenStack and Python, by Jason Hibbets (Red Hat) | (2,466 page views)
  10. Google's coding internship summer program reaches 10th year, by Jen Wike (Red Hat) | (2,442 page views)

Editor's picks

A few of our favorite articles from last month.

  • Interviews
    • Jason Kridner co-founder of, where he creates open source development tools for BeagleBones and BeagleBoards
    • Doug Hellmann with DreamHost and the current Program Technical Lead (PTL) for the OpenStack's Oslo program (and a Python programmer)
    • John Griffith with SolidFire and the current Program Technical Lead (PTL) for OpenStack's Cinder project
  • Check out the state of open source at the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the second largest agency of the US federal government.
  • See why software patent thickets are often compared to minefields—watch your step.
  • See what our team did during open hardware day.




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